Belmore’s Beauties: The Lighthouse District

Wollongong’s harbour, in my opinion, is one of its most beautiful features. The shallow shores of Belmore Basin, wrapped in rock pools, walking track and boats leading all the way up to Flagstaff’s panoramic juiciness. One feature of this extended slither are the lighthouses that sit partially dormant at two neighbourly points of call, they…


Lucky Peach: The Seashore Review

  From Sea Snail definitions to Wild Honey death trips, Sushi plate garnish to the shellfish histories of this Great Southern Land and all quasi-American interpretations of seafood in between, the Seashore issue explores the depths and shallows of our oceans. This saltwater and sand composite took me some time to devour, with review coming near…

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A Home Of Hope

Recently, friend of Horse Eve McIntyre’s best friend Nicole received the devastating news that she had relapsed with cancer. Last October Nicole gave birth to her daughter, only to be given the news of a large lump in her chest that was it was Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. Needless to say it has been a very…

Team Rookie from left; Jimmy, Dan, Bonnie and Emily

New kids on the block: A sit down with Dan Sherley

As Wollongong’s foodstuff recourse buffs up, Keira Street poises as the renewed comestible quarter. Lashings of old and new establishments are back in full swing following the fall of construction labyrinths. One such yellow and burgundy lodging that sits atop the T of Victoria has been gutted and white washed, re-opening doors as the new…

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A Vibrant Visualisation

Have you ever considered the relationship of sound and vision? This video attempts to realise that synergy with an onslaught of stunning visual effects and sound. Frédéric Bonpapa has created Light Motif with the help of a plethora of others in an attempt to portray this relationship, as explained below. “The inspiration for the project…

Friday Haylist #7

The Haylist is a selection of five (5) songs chosen by undisputed dad of Parkside and DJ Ben Beverley to get you through your Friday and into the weekend.This one is a little late, but don’t worry about that. Hit play and enjoy! 1. William Devaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (1974) 2….

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