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Primeval Symbiosis: A life amongst the trees

Primeval Symbiosis is an architectural concept championed by student Konrad Wojcik, inspired by the idea of commensalism and earth’s four billion year legacy – the tree. The single-legged statement attempts to remedy the burgeoning spread of civilisation by integrating it peacefully amongst the forests that border our towns and cities.   “Just imagine, wooden structures…

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Bloody Bewdiful

Tim Burton meets the sixties. Thomas Blanchard created this timelapse of flowers over a four month period, using some 9624 5K RAW shots and it is bloody beautiful. If there is one thing you procrastinate with today, this should be it. The slow disappearing life of a flower is one of the best metaphors we…


Conceptual Nomadic: Caravan design and desire

Australia has earned itself a reputation as a land of natural exploration and adventure. From wave swept beaches to barren outback haunts, there is one thing about our nation’s nature that is undeniable: it is bloody vast. Hence the popularity of the caravan, but the humble home of many grey nomads hasn’t seen a modern…


Design Lives At Wollongong Cemetery

The dead part of town is of little interest to those of us that walk with a beat. The aging, grass-licked concrete headstones and memorials are a permanent outlook that many prefer to avoid; the connotations of such places are dismal and morbid, remembrances of a sadder time. Faux flowers outlive those that grow, fading…


The Sounds Of Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino can make a darn good film, with every little detail an extravagantly well thought out process and integral contribution to the narrative. Each sound provides another dimension to the ongoing onslaught of his broadcasted mastery. This little clip plays bloody homage to the sounds of Tarantino’s masterpieces. WARNING: Content is graphic and awesome.


Makin’ That Mochi

Want to know what they’re pounding in viscoelastic submission? Short grain, gelatinous rice cake known as Mochi and enjoyed throughout Japan. You may have seen this cake in the aisles of Wan Long or your local Asian grocer, though I cannot guarantee it was made with such ceremonious vigour. A whole laundry list of uses for…


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