The Art Of War: Storytelling with Bob McRae

“As I’ve told you, as a writer, I’m a good painter.”   Bob McRae is a man of many stories. The first wartime artist commissioned by the Australian Navy since World War II, an art teacher for 30 years and, an affinity to the ocean fill an aural arsenal that could enthral you for hours….


Oakie Doke’s New House

It may not be exactly like the helpful tree dweller’s, but it could be interpreted as a modernised version of his slippery-slided home.     The Skit, as it is titled, is a housing concept by Dachi Papuashvili for one person. “The building represents an insulated, reinforced construction, covered with wood. Its details will be manufactured…


Walking with ghosts @ Wollongong Art Gallery

It had been some time since I had walked through the oddly automated doors of Wollongong Art Gallery. Childhood memories of red-faced games of tip during adult level interesting art shows loomed in my mind as soon as I walked across the Herringbone floorboards of our city’s former Town Hall. Everything slows down in there,…

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A firm in China just printed five houses in a day with a cost per unit of US$5000. The intuitive system prints cement and recycled building materials into a solid wall shape, layer by layer. With such a low cost per unit and a lightening fast turnover, is this the beginning of the end for…

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Primeval Symbiosis: A life amongst the trees

Primeval Symbiosis is an architectural concept championed by student Konrad Wojcik, inspired by the idea of commensalism and earth’s four billion year legacy – the tree. The single-legged statement attempts to remedy the burgeoning spread of civilisation by integrating it peacefully amongst the forests that border our towns and cities.   “Just imagine, wooden structures…

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Bloody Bewdiful

Tim Burton meets the sixties. Thomas Blanchard created this timelapse of flowers over a four month period, using some 9624 5K RAW shots and it is bloody beautiful. If there is one thing you procrastinate with today, this should be it. The slow disappearing life of a flower is one of the best metaphors we…


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