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Upon The Perch

Perched upon the crest of Cringila’s dragon back main drag is a pearl of Bel Air sheen. The shoebox stack you see above is an easy miss amongst the double brickers and half houses of the area, yet it’s Catch Me If You Can charm and California style make its presence a once seen never forgotten affair. The pristinely perpendicular house owns a beach house vibe with no beach in sight, leaving little distraction to cruise-by looker-onners.

The candy-drop balustrades and corkscrew staircase are the undisputed champions of the property’s entirety, boosting the uniquity of this rare abode type. Coupled with a pale blue paint job, one might be forgiven for imagining sharp suits and country club types in the den circa 1960 within the walls of this Cringila solitaire.


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