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Polished Concrete – Bunker or Modern Style?

Polished concrete interiors are all the rage at the moment with applications going beyond floors to walls, ceilings and even to bench tops.  In certain spaces it can add an edgy industrial feel, but there are times when it does stray into looking rather like a concrete bunker.  What do you think?

House in The Hills – Vais, Switzerland

Completed over two years in 2009, the home is a a joint-venture between Christian Müller Architects and SeARCH, Amsterdam. Set deep into a hill in Vais in Switzerland the home features polished concrete floors, walls and ceilings in the interiors as well as using concrete on some of the exterior elements.




Photo source – Lost at E Minor

Contemporary Concrete Home – Berlin, Germany

This holiday home is located in a small village in Berlin and uses concrete in the construction of the building as well as the interiors.  The designers used wood paneling on the inside to give a feeling of warm.



Berlin 3

Photo Source – AFGH

Minimalist Style  – Kyoto, Japan

This home perched on a cliff side in Kyoto, employs concrete to form part of its bench tops and storage.



Photo source – Mega
Silver Stunner – Alicante, Spain

This stunning home uses concrete in nearly all its interior and exterior elements but manages to create a modern, lavish feel. The main focus of the Architects was retaining the connection between the outside and the inside – by keeping the interiors minimal and using floor to ceiling windows the focus is on the landscape.




Photo source – Interior Design


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