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Mid-century by moonlight

Melbourne photographer Tom Blachford has recently shot into the spotlight (or moonlight?) with his Midnight Modern series. The stunning collection of images capture the secluded beauty of the mid-century modern style which is rampant in California’s Palm Springs area.


Image credit: Tom Blachford


Whilst many have gone before Blachford and snapped the linear dispositions of these fabulous homes, few have done so under the light of the moon. The resulting catalogue is a slightly sinister and sexy rendition of the oft-trending characteristics that make the mid-century style so timeless.


Image credit: Tom Blachford

An inescapable affinity to the noughties and nineties design style of Wallpaper magazine pops in my mind as I look at the long-exposed  pics and their old school cool. Blachford had an opportunity of unadultered access to the incredible homes, after developing a relationship with Palm Springs Modern Committee President Chris Menrad.

The mutual appreciation of the iconic houses allowed an unprecedented level of cooperation from the house owners, who were stoked to have their homes documented.

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All images are property of Tom Blachford and used only in appreciation.

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