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Look At This Instagram!

With this hilarious Instagram parody making the rounds of the internet, I thought perhaps there might be some good decorative uses for all the photo’s of our lunches and children! (Beware there is little bit of  explicit language in this clip)


Printstagram does these amazing calendar’s that can begin in any month you choose – simply pick a format, upload your images and receive this well printed and very neatly packaged calendar.


Photosource: Printstagram


Stitchtagram will happily make a pillow, clutch or tote out of all your favourite horse photos – we couldn’t resist!


Photo source: Stitchtagram blog


CanvasPop will print your brilliant sunset Instagram’s directly onto canvas and send them to you ready to hang!


Photo source: CanvasPop

Poster Art

Poster Candy allows you to layout all your Instagram favourites in a poster format! The results are fantastic and allow you to curate your photo’s into different themes.


Photosource: Apartment Therapy

DIY Frames

If you have any old frames in the garage – how about a DIY Instagram peg frame – just follow goodwillionaires’s simple instructions.

Got any Instagram images that you think are worthy as art, send them to us – we would love to see your lunch, children or horses!

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