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Light & Shapes Show Time

Soft afternoon light sifting through slatted blinds is always an under-appreciated aspect. The filtering light creeps across the floor, milking the final oats of productivity from the working day. Such a spectacle has now been bundled into product form – Noon Blinds.




The Indian window-cutting inspired blinds are simple laser cut sheets to string up in your window space, but the true product is the filtered light shapes that will crawl from side to side of the installed room. Dots, dashes and in-betweens are available, with colours and sizes to order. A thin shade piece behind the cut-out blocks the direct rays, but allows enough light to create the patterns.




A cheap, nifty alternative to full-block Romans that may end in regret Sunday morning after a few too many wines Saturday. The campaign to get a minimum order in the pipeline is currently humming along on Kickstarter.


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