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Let’s go back to school


If I was ever placed in some of kind of situation in which I had to return to school in to win the approval of my father and his peers and in turn the reigns of his hotel empire (sounds like an idea for a movie) – this is the kindergarten I want to be sent to. The Smørblomsten Kindergarden is currently under construction in a Danish town called Frederiksberg.


The barn like bulldings aim to accomodate more than 180 kids replacing it’s former premises, which only housed 36. The challenge placed in front of COBE architects requested a schoolhouse that was large enough for 200 children yet felt as small as the original.


No doubt, some serious thinking ensued. The result is a series of eleven houses each conjoined with one another. Each house differs in size and orientation creating a wonderland for children to play and learn with an indoor winter garden creating a harmonious flow between the interconnected structures. At the heart of the design is a nuance of interpretation, as children become lost in the kindergartens many small rooms, adults look upon the open plan design with an air of ease and simplicity.


“From the outside, the day-care institution appears [to be] a playful village for children, but from the inside, it is none the less coherent and efficient. The houses are small, compact and functional in everyday life, whilst still being exciting and challenging for children,” explain the architects on their website.


Images: COBERasmus Hjortshøj

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