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La colaboración del artista: An interview about Art & Associated vibes

A slew-like explosion of curious shopper folk descended upon the CBD last week to poke their heads in and meander the mammoth and nose the nooks that is the freshest GPT development. The flurry and hurry that gushed from the Crown-Keira entrance at times ran off into the still functioning facilities of Ye Olde mall. For those who wandered away from the new nucleus of business, to the burgundy bricks of it’s predecessor they may have stumbled along Globe Lane’s downward dog leg. Standing tall in a corner location is a beacon of burrito.

The Beach Burrito Company has set up camp in Globe Lane with a coast side style, tri-level tribute to it’s namesake and more. Beyond providing punters with a chimichanga or enchilada, these dudes have teamed up with local fashion and art mini-hub Quay Collective to present the first (of a hopefully many) collaborative art shows. Without putting a hoof in it, Room For Horse had a chat with the man at the reigns, Michael Graham, better known to many as Muzzy.




H: Muzzy, how would you describe this Friday’s event at Beach Burrito?

M: It’s a collaborative exhibition bringing together local artists and a local crew of all ages for a night of art, music, epic Mexican food and a few laughs. No Caviar or Grange, nothing too serious.


H: All ages? Should I bring my mum?

M: Definitely bring your mum and tell her to bring the kids! Beach Burrito is an all ages venue and so are our events, so we want everyone to come down and check out it out whether you’re 15 or 50.



A wall piece by Trait (Source: Trait Cross)

H: For those of us who haven’t had the pleasure, who is Trait?

M: Trait is a Kiama-based street artist who has a way with aerosols, acrylics, stencils and an obsession with birds. He’s a very talented dude. I met Trait through friends and have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a few projects with great success.


“An obsession with birds” (Source: Trait Cross Facebook)


H: Will he have pieces for sale on the night?

M: Yeah all the artists will be selling prints on the night at very reasonable prices. Trait has also come up with a limited edition collab tee shirt design, with elements that tie in with Quay and Beach Burrito and that will be released on the night.


H: You seem to have a few mates in the local, South Coast art scene. Where do you meet them? Or are they just old chums?

M: Through attending exhibitions and a few art projects I’ve been lucky enough to meet a bunch of the local arts crew and with Wollongong being a pretty small place, you tend to move in the same circles and everyone is super supportive of one another.


H: So will there be other artists exhibiting on Friday?

M: Yeah the other exhibitors are Poncho Army, Luke Okay and Michael Brunt. They’re all local, street-style artists.


H: Awesome, we’re looking forward to seeing their stuff! Beach Burrito is a pretty new spot, how did it end up there? Are they old chums?

M: I’ve worked with these guys on a few projects and parties while I was residing in Sydney, and was even part of the Cronulla Beach Burrito team over a summer a few years back, I guess we’ve just stayed in touch so its pretty rad to be back on board with them!

The BBC crew have strong ties to the skate, surf, art and music cultures wherever they are, so the Globe Lane location is very well-suited to their vibe. I’m sure they’ll be a big part of Wollongong’s emerging laneway and bar culture.



BBC’s interior looking shmick (Source: GPT Facebook)



H: This isn’t your first art show exhibition do. What are you hoping to get rolling with these?

M: Yeah we’ve held a few exhibitions at Quay over the last two and a bit years which were a lot of fun and had very positive results, but on the logistics side it was a heap of work transforming a retail space into a gallery space and then setting it all back up again for the following day’s trade. With the new gallery space at BBC we hope to reach out to a wider audience and if all goes well we will make it a regular thing.


Quay Collective proved a logistically difficult space for the shows (Source: Quay)


H: How many more should we hope to see?

M: With the interest we’ve had and the amount of submissions received its looking like this will be a monthly gig. Plus, we’ve had a very positive response, so it’s super exciting and rewarding to be a part of such a strong local movement.


H: Sounds great! Would you say this is a bit of a passion project for you?

M: Yeah its definitely a project of passion! I love this area and I’ve been shown so much support through the store, so to give back and be involved in Wollongong’s cultural change is something that is very important to me.


H: Not to mention plain cool of course! Will we ever see Muzzy’s art on the walls?

M: Yeah there is definitely a chance some of my scribbles could end up on the walls, I’ve always loved illustrating and enjoy designing t-shirt prints for the shop (Quay), I’m also a collector of printed tees so it would be pretty rad to bring the two together for an exhibition at some stage.

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