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Hard Hat Innovation

The humble hard hat does not receive much attention or acclaim. A simple piece of protective equipment for construction workers and engineers that has not evolved much from its original form. The common yellow head piece is more of an eye sore than anything, especially for the worker forced to wear the often uncomfortable plastic bowl.

In the spirit of good design and fashionable protection, here are 5 hard hats I think should be on every work site.



This peach was designed for CAT management, with the inclusion of a bluetooth head piece and several attachment points including an eye visor. The space age look would have any wearer proud to put the noggin on the line!



This concept hard hat sees the inclusion of a two-way radio attachment, a suspended Brock-Foam padding system, a solar torch and a head cooling fan. It’s like a Rolls Royce of hard hats, do you think this would impair usability? The head cooling fan is definitely a cool idea, a plastic bucket on your head is hot even in winter!


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Good design can often be a balance of form and function, as the product performs both efficiently and effectively. This is not an example of that balance. The ivy-cap hard hat serves a primarily aesthetic function for the wearer, with a small amount of protection. That said, it looks damn good and would probably be popular among the target demographic: Architects.


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This concept is probably the most realistic and adoptable on a large scale. Created from interviews with construction workers about what they want from a hard hat, the bulbous looking helmet has a rim all the way around, flat areas for sticks and vents at the top for cooling. The simple design and basic features mean this puppy could be reproduced at a low cost.


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