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Forgotten Heritage: A Language Repurposed



Matt Emmett welcomes warning as though it were an invitation. Travelling through Europe in a search for abandoned buildings and forgotten industrial spaces, Emmett observes and records a language lost that has now been reinterpretted over time. Structures that once fed life to society now suck it from the surrounding environments, their purpose no more than one of dormancy.







‘Radar dome’


The scale and stagnant permanence combine to reinvent the architectural meaning of the spaces that now seem to align more closely with an alien environment or something more sinister. A super villian would not look out of place amongst the light starved orafaces and malfunctioned machinery.



‘Plenum chamber’


‘Lung passage’


Many of the images spark the viewer’s mind to imagine the original use of the spaces – often huge production or manufacturering facilities. The huge cylindrical spaces conjur images of rockets and military secrecy.


‘Condensing pond’


Whatever their previous life, you cannot help but be amazed. The Forgotten Heritage series opens locked doors and speaks lost languages. The above images pertain to the industrial section in particular. Follow the link to view the others.


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