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Follow that river: Our local source to sink

One and a half hours south of Sydney, sandwiched between the sandstone-capped Hawkesbury escarpment and big drink, the Pacific Ocean is a thin strip of urbanization, the Illawarra region. The sheer cliffs of red through brown sandstone soak up and bounce off the warm glow of the morning sun that peeps up over the horizon…


Let’s go to the bach

  This is a bach. A┬ádefinition on Remodelista describes a bach as “something you built yourself, on land you don’t own, out of materials you borrowed or stole.” But something tells me that none of the examples you will see here were stolen, borrowed or self-built (maybe one?). The┬ásmall beachside lodgings are an iconic part…


Eight wheels of joy

Totally Free is a short film directed by Daniel Soares about the roller skating community of San Francisco. The film profiles some of the skaters and their motivations to stay on eight wheels long after the roller-craze has left popular culture prescriptions. After watching this I’m sure everyone will be wondering where they left their…


Conceptual Nomadic: Caravan design and desire

Australia has earned itself a reputation as a land of natural exploration and adventure. From wave swept beaches to barren outback haunts, there is one thing about our nation’s nature that is undeniable: it is bloody vast. Hence the popularity of the caravan, but the humble home of many grey nomads hasn’t seen a modern…


F**k it, buy a castle

Do you have a spare $6 million to play with? Why not sink it into a neo-Gothic castle in the north of France? The very opulent Le Chateau De Vigny Castle is on the market for those of us who want to grow extremely long hair and court passers-by into climbing it. The 37,000 square…

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