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Shaping Patterns

From fashion to nature and everything between, patterns form the basis of our world. Patternity have dedicated their work to the way this repetition has filtered into every facet of our lives.     Founded in 2009 by ‘cult pattern pioneers’ photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham, Patternity was born from a…


Bass to the drawing board

Saul Bass is one of the most famous graphic designers in history. His designs have come to shape the brands they were created for (AT&T, for instance), but his original visions were not always swallowed up by his clients. When Bass was asked to create the poster for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining he was faced…


Leathersmiths: Paterson & Salisbury

There are few materials that have become synonymous with quality over time. In the realm of textiles there is warmth and breathability of wool, softness and versatility of cotton and the tenacity, durability and permanence of leather. The usefulness of leather to humans is almost unquantifiable, it’s antecedents not only provided us with sustenance but…


An Open Eichler To Oggle

Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects, and Flegel’s Construction collaborated on this mid-century Eichler classic in Palo Alto, California. The incredible residence confuses the outdoor and indoor paradigms with an emulsion of the two spaces via the extensive use of concertina doors on both sides of the white waller. Nut butter browns break up the white with…


An Inanimate Narrative: The Fictional Object Ethos

The creative pursuits of South Coast residents seem to know no bounds as week in week out we find another talented group or individual picking up their collective tools to produce. No exception to this fact is Fictional Objects creator Emma Rutherford. Omnipresent within her Fictonal Objects range of textile centric wares is an affinity to…

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