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Casper’s Epic Court On The Corner

It may or may not have become apparent that the buildings on Gipps St in Wollongong have a certain something that I like. Many of them built in an era almost forgotten, meaning the fine constructions are pushed away from this town’s popular consciousness. Bay windows, arching walkways and flecked brickwork are the superficial characters that capture my eye – bringing on feelings of timeless, homely abodes rich with character, history and family.

Pardoned to absolute no exception is the Epping Court building on the corner of Corrimal and Gipps, an old dark bricked jewel that has been referenced by friends as “the Casper house”. The immaculate hedges that are maintained by a tenant surround the property and provide poise for the humble six unit block. The bay windows sitting to the sides of the triumphant “Epping Court” (more like Epic Court) title pronounce a class that has been preserved since it’s building.

I had always imagined lying back on the window seat and watching the world pass by, as I dawdled past towards the steps that transcend to the Continental Baths. That dream is now a reality and providing a heavy dose of bias towards this article and my opinion of the building.

And yes, that’s my panda teddy.




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