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The Halle A offices in Munich

Encompassed within an old metal working factory in Munich are the offices of Designliga and their web development partner Form & Code.


The enormnous indoor space called for some creative thinking on how to create the necessary sections for the various functions and needs of the two businesses, whilst still maintaining the industrious character of the building.


The result was two single ridge halls being built within the pre-structured environment.

From it’s very conception the staff of both firms were interviewed in order to designate what their personal needs were.


“The kitchen is therefore designed as a private room for staff, while the library is where visitors are received and spontaneous meetings are held,” said Designliga on Behance.


“The colour palette is based on the materials and textures prevalent in the complex, whose brick buildings primarily house skilled trades.”



“Together with the old foreman’s office, they form an ensemble which produces the effect of a roofed village square in the intervening space.”




Images, quotes: Designliga

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