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Comic Gong and the return of the cultural mirror

It’s been over fifteen years since the Phantom Zone closed it’s doors to the public. The old comic book store was a regular haunt for Batman obsessed youngens such as myself, their aisles of glossy illustrations a holy grail of epic adventures. Such immaculately kept bindings and their amazing covers were near enough to set…


Uncontained Emulsions: A look at Sifters Espresso

Enlightening from between the Market street rif-raf of mechanical assemblies and catholic edu, wok-tossing and suit ‘n’ tie archetypes lies a white washed container throw together called Sifters. A characterful concrete driveway leads punters down towards a tri-surround of corrugated glory which bays a quasi-kitsch cluster of school chairs, wooden wheels, milk crates and et…


Casper’s Epic Court On The Corner

It may or may not have become apparent that the buildings on Gipps St in Wollongong have a certain something that I like. Many of them built in an era almost forgotten, meaning the fine constructions are pushed away from this town’s popular consciousness. Bay windows, arching walkways and flecked brickwork are the superficial characters…


A Glass Case Of Commotion

A glass prism sits under wing of the T-intersection of Crown and Kembla; a large and ambiguous office structure that is one of few such buildings I take rather seriously within Wollongong’s CBD. The unbroken facades of sheer, tinted glass overlook the otherwise low-lying, down town urban scape – a single monument to the international…


Slicing & Dicing – Pizza In The CBD

It would be safe to say that everybody has been propositioned with the question: If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? For years, my answer was always a confident and unwavering: PIZZA. The omni-delicious flat snack has always held a special place in my heart, providing…

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