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These mugs want to make everything better

“The Things-Could-Be-Worse Mug is NOT like those cheap ceramic mugs you get free from the auto body shop or the veterinarian” – Don Moyer Well, I already know they are going to be better than all my mugs. Created by artist Don Moyer in an attempt to brighten your day, these mugs feature comical images…


Could this clock turn us into geniuses?

    The Albert digital clock isn supposedly for teaching kids better math skills, but I have a feeling we could all use a little mathematical challenge every now and then. It essentially works by creating a mathematical problem out of each value on the digital clock face. It even has different difficulty levels!   h/t kickstarter


Do you wish this was your holiday home?

  The holiday home you’re looking at was built by Dutch practice De Zwarte Hond Architects on the island of Schiermonnikoog (say that with a mouthful of mash potato). The holistically sustainable property frames it’s dune and forest surroundings and maximise space by extending it’s floorspace underground. The height and shape of the roof adjusts…

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