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Over The Hill

Friend of Horse and politically inclined nice guy Tarant Hill stepped out of boundaries this year, exploring the varied landscapes and ogling’s of the American continent. Horse asked Hill to sling us some snaps of the seven-month sabbatical. The results? A dynamic and heterogeneous landscape, that is ferociously abundant in colour, both naturally and culturally.


Take a look over the hill; far, far away.


Valpo Hlls. Valparaiso, Chile Valparaiso Street Art, Valparaiso, Chile Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Tucan. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Sunset. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador Street art. Valparaiso, Chile Sloth. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Shaman. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador Red-eyed Tree Frog. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Rainbow Mirror. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador Paracas National Reserve. Ica, Peru Me. Antigua, Guatemala Machu Pichu, Peru Lizard. Panajachel, Guatemala La Paz City. La Paz, Bolivia Kuna Territory. San Blas Islands, Panama Iguana. Parque Tayrona (Tayrona National Park) Hummingbirds. Mindo, Ecuador Hummingbird. Panajachel, Guatemala Huacachina. Ica, Peru Home. Outskirts of Sucre, Bolivia Geology. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Duck. Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador DSC_0062 Cruz del Condor. Colca Canyon, Peru Condor. Colca Canyon, Peru Coffee. Salento, Colombia Cocaine Towers. Panama City, Panama City Skyline. Santiago Cathedral. Antigua, Guatemala Cartagena Sunset. Cartagena, Colombia



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