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Old folks who refuse to let age get in their way

Muir Vidler’s Rebel Without A Pause series depicts elderly people who refuse to follow the status quo and retire their hobbies, interests and in some cases kinks. Vidler’s admiration for those that do not conform to the status quo shines via this ongoing visual romance.

It all began when Vidler saw an elderly man in leather tights dancing his heart out in a night club. The man, Adrian Delgoffe, who is in his 60s inspired Muir to seek out more of these rare birds.

“Adrian got me thinking about people who don’t let their age define who they are, what they wear, how they act – people that make the world a more interesting and fun place, a better place. I wanted to shoot some portraits that celebrated those people, the people that never grew up.”


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Images: Muir Vidler

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