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Noemie Goudal’s Observatories series is ominous



Noemie Goudal‘s Observatories series portray a parallel world of scarce and monolithic structures. The seemingly abandoned environs evoke thoughts of civilisation and history, all whilst circling around a feeling of familiarity.

““I don’t think that my pictures invite anyone into a fantasy world but rather a place made from the real that questions the fantasies, desires and fragility of the viewe,” said Goudal on Beautiful Decay.

The models are built from paper and card stock before they are installed into the stagnant water landscapes you see in the images.

Can you imagine these structures existing in our world?




Noemie-Goudal-Photography-4 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-2 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-10 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-8 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-9 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-11 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-6 Noemie-Goudal-Photography-1

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