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Modernist Sandcastles

You aren’t likely to see sandcastles such as┬áthese being molded by a couple of toddlers on a South Coast beach.

The impressive piles of sand you are looking at are sculpted by New Yorker Calvin Seibert, who believes the sculptures form organically from his mind – each feature beginning as a natural transgression or contradiction to the afore created shapes.

“Once I begin building and forms start to take shape, I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt to contradict it with something unexpected. In my mind they are always mash-ups of influences and ideas,” said Seibert in an interview with ArchDaily.


Seibert remembers building sandcastles in the sand piles out side of construction sites that were in his street.


When asked what some of the greatest challenges of using sand as a medium are:

“In crowds.. Making eye contact with parents.. Most kids are very well behaved, but a few have no boundaries. I also don’t turn my back on seagulls. ”

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h/t ArchDaily

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