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Magnate Past, Manor Present

Perched triumphantly upon Cliff Road, number 64 has become an infamous construction amongst Wollongongians. The mammoth mansion sticks out like a sore thumb, with its bold and somewhat obnoxious presence a reluctant fixture along our coastline. Built by former mining champion-turned-villain Arun Jagatramka, the building stands as a metaphor for Wollongong’s fading industrial powerhouses. Formerly, the land housed the Spence family in a small cottage well known for its absent stairs.

When all history is put to the side the reasons most people dislike this house are why I like it. It’s big, bold and pronounced; and uncaring of conservative comment – its different to what the rest of the street is offering. The colonial style stack sits looking over the ocean like a Bond villain’s lair; my mind meandering that many a handshake and gesture took place upon its Brobdingnagian balcony.

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