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Lucky Peach: The Seashore Review



From Sea Snail definitions to Wild Honey death trips, Sushi plate garnish to the shellfish histories of this Great Southern Land and all quasi-American interpretations of seafood in between, the Seashore issue explores the depths and shallows of our oceans.

This saltwater and sand composite took me some time to devour, with review coming near a month late. That said, the recurring motifs of Food wizard David Chang’s culmination of culinary perspective once again go beyond the heterogeneous array of article topics to the eclectic writers and their beat-gen style, pouring in and out of detail in a Kerouac fashion that captivates the reader. An emulsion of amusing and simplistic illustrations and thoughtful photographs couple the words, building on the fantastical food-topia inspired literature.

Lucky Peach magazine continues to cement its place amongst other timeless titles such as COLORS in its exploration of theme, meaning you can literally pick up a copy at any point in the near or far future and enjoy it’s contents for what they are: interesting and investigative. This denotes an unquestionable cool, knowing that a pile of these puppies ten years from now will still be worth their milk crated weight.

With that sheer cool comes a brilliant education of the ins and outs of what is on our plate, as contributors investigate the source of seaweed, shrimp and culture, how these industries are survived and how they will potentially fail without proper sustainable intervention.

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