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Lucky Peach #11: All You Can Eat

From the gross and glamorous gluttony of French Canada to the delicately dissected banquets of pre-revolutionary China, the All You Can Eat provision of Lucky Peach provides a well-rounded meandering of the excesses in the world of eating. As the Chang train continues to spearhead the contemporary edibles of our society, its pretty obvious why as Chris Ying and Peter Meehan blend their expertise with Chang’s to create an emulsion of good reads. Playing within a nostalgic bracket, the magazine outlines the beauty of old habits and reignites the flames of forgotten recipes presented in a simple and straightforward fashion.

Deeper into the neatly designed curation the content begins to illustrate the rarely noted underbellies of Western food culture and how economic viability often comes before quality of fare when supplying the masses. This thought seems to be pursued throughout the publication, with various examples leading the charge such as Kevin Pangs foray in to the edible punishment that is prison food. However, the nature of this niche is not entirely aligned with morbid morsels – the fantastic recalling of meals past and travels taken delivers a New York brand of humour to the reader.

Overall, the eleventh instalment of Lucky Peach is in no way a disappointment to anyone who wishes to delve deeper into the worlds of and around food.

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