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Let’s go to the bach


This is a bach. A definition on Remodelista describes a bach as “something you built yourself, on land you don’t own, out of materials you borrowed or stole.” But something tells me that none of the examples you will see here were stolen, borrowed or self-built (maybe one?).

The small beachside lodgings are an iconic part of the New Zealand coastline, and came about from of the growing tourist trade of the middle class in 1950s and 1960s. Originally many bachs were built in hidden locations on land not owned by the builders, but nowadays the land is either leased or owned.




The one you are currently carressing with your eyes is designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects and sits on an idyllic beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. 


Built upon two large wooden sleds the small home was designed to be a portable living arrangement for a family of five.With the ever eroding shoreline creeping closer and closer, it’s nice to know a tractor can bring their holiday abode back to safer ground. Coming in at very modest 40 square metres, with an enormous shutter on the front of the hut allowing the owners to open up and close off the space, letting in sun or shutting out the rain.






The clean wooden finishes and compact design kept in line with the owner requests of some thing “simple, small and functional.”



This is another bach. This one is designed by the same architects. The beautiful rectangular structure and it’s wood clad exterior were inspired by the dams that characterise the river systems on the island it is located. A tad more spacious than the last one and with a view not as threatened by the lapping waves.



The permanency of the structure allowed for the build and design to accommodate to it’s surroundings, resulting in a home that can completely open itself to the elements and it’s vivid and raw surroundings.





One more bach to top it off. This time with a little more mid-century in it’s appeal.

Digital process : PixSolution

Digital process : PixSolution

Digital process : PixSolution

Digital process : PixSolution

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