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Lego Jenga

Nestled upon the crest of Church Streets higher ground is an interesting stack of bricks that caught my attention whilst riding my bike recently. An unfamiliar air surrounds this neat mid-game Jenga look-a-like with toothpick balustrades, so I simply had to take a snap.

Rising above its immediate neighbours, the outline of this building is simply fantastic, as the balconies protrude and offer a structure reminiscent of ambitious Lego creations that were once residents on my bedroom floor.

The timeless white paint is offset by the sneaky streaks of brown behind the balustrades, but what I like most is the segregating white, which  draws symmetry right down the middle of the building’s eastern face. It all comes to a finale at the top, as the thin shelter of the roof dignifies the repetition of the layering. Perhaps I am a lone appreciator of this old modern model, perhaps not – but I think sometimes the most simple is the best.



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