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Leathersmiths: Paterson & Salisbury

There are few materials that have become synonymous with quality over time. In the realm of textiles there is warmth and breathability of wool, softness and versatility of cotton and the tenacity, durability and permanence of leather. The usefulness of leather to humans is almost unquantifiable, it’s antecedents not only provided us with sustenance but also warmth and shelter. Today, leather sits upon the crest of quality.


Just ask Joram Salisbury and Cameron Paterson, the namesake’s of Paterson & Salisbury, local maker’s of luxury leather goods.


“Leather is so strong and hardy, and it’s signs of aging are additive to it’s aesthetic and intrinsic value to the owner, not subtractive.”



The large leather tote has proved popular with their overseas customers (Image: paterson & salisbury)

“It’s one of those core materials, like wood, stone, flax that humans have used since the dawn of time,” says Joram of the fruit of their crafts.


“As a material it makes sense, and in some ways it’s unrivalled,” he continued. The pair’s mutual love of leather was commercially realised in 2009 when they began producing Kangaroo leather pedal strap under the name Patebury. It wasn’t long before broader experiements ensued.



The design is in the detail (image: paterson & salisbury)

Joram and Cameron began to further develop their skillset with scrapped and salvaged leather, studying 19th century artisian techniques in order to develop their knowledge of the age-old material. ”

“We started by prototyping our ideas out of scrap material to avoid wasting expensive leather. Often we salvage leather from discarded couches awaiting rubbish collection in our local area. It sounds strange but there isn’t really a substitute for how a shape will behave unless you use leather,” explained Joram in an interview with Etsy.


The resulting wares were rigorlessly trialed and tested by the duo’s family and friends before the Paterson & Salisbury was established as it’s own entity.


The brand now produces a range of wallets and luxury bags that they sell on online store Etsy and at local house of good brew Delano. The whole operation appears to have a local skew as the leather itself is sourced from nearby tannery Birdsall Leather, a family run operation that is now in it’s seventh generation.


All this is done out of an old mechanic’s workshop situated behind their home in Fernhill, where they are surrounded by steel posts, wooden beams and other charismatic features akin to a 1950’s owner built home. Such an environment is a charming source for the timeless products they create, a rugged and enduring affinity that you couldn’t make up.



The two boys in their Fernhill workshop


As the two leathersmiths begin to gain momentum, they are vying to get their products into the public’s gaze. Suggesting Cate Blanchett as their ideal ambassador, “she would look good with one of our bags. Do you know how to reach her?”


All images: Paterson & Salisbury


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