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Much of this country’s residential infrastructure is stacked in the tessellation of red bricks. The former chief material of the ‘Australian Dream’ is more often a hidden skin marred by concrete render today. Yet whilst there is no doubt that a Monte Carlo cream façade is an undesired trait of modern dwelling, I believe it is important to provide a good nod to these endangered, rough scarlets. This post war, double storey statement is a bit more than a humble three bedder, housing some seven abodes within its well-windowed brickwork.

What I believe is much greater about this building is it’s early example of increased density living in the greater Wollongong area, likely to be built by a budding developer who was just getting ahead. The staircase landing and accompanying bi-balcony create a fry pan of light, a brilliant welcome to any stair descending beach goer. In the background of this Marr Street property, sits an Illawarra flame tree in full bloom complimenting the vermilion variety already on show.


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