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Conceptual Nomadic: Caravan design and desire

Australia has earned itself a reputation as a land of natural exploration and adventure. From wave swept beaches to barren outback haunts, there is one thing about our nation’s nature that is undeniable: it is bloody vast. Hence the popularity of the caravan, but the humble home of many grey nomads hasn’t seen a modern reconception in some time, the general shape being a big box on wheels that needs a 4×4 to get going. We had a browse on the net to find a few re-imaginings of the much loved caravan, here are our favourites.


Beyond Universal Caravan Concept by Kurkowski

This bright orange beauty is the brainchild of Markus Kurkowski, who sees travel as something for anyone with the mind for it. “Beyond is a concept to make travelling with a caravan possible for people of all ages with and without impaired abilities,” states Kurkowski’s description of his concept.



Beyond features a lowerable chasis, access ramp and spacious living quarters – inparticular a well-equipped bathroom. “Freedom from barriers is an important and contemporary issue,” explains Kurkowski regarding the alleviating features of his design.


The fantastic colourway and clean, modern finishes perpetuate the feeling of home, away from it.





nHome Caravan by Kozlowski & Pazskowski

Delivering destraction from stress, inactivity and monotony is the nHome Caravan. This concept exudes awesome from every aspect of it’s design, from the duality of spaces through to the futuristic concoction of all parts. What’s more is the overall weight of the trailer comes in under 750kg, allowing for almost any vehicle to tow it.



From the Robocop-style windows down to the sleek laminate exterior, the design thinking involved in this concept is incredible.


“The project is designed for two modern young people. The trailer provides them a place to sleep, prepare meals and eat them, and the ability to wash and use the toilet,” muse the designers of the nHome, Michal Kozlowski and Lukasz Paszkowski.



Cleverly thought out kitchen compartments combined with the dual-use bathroom and shower space bolster the nHome as a holiday concept.


Airock Tent Trailer by Konrad Cholewka

Whilst not strictly a caravan, the modern and spacious interior created when the Airock is set up is enough to pass our criteria. The aerodynamic and compact design are inarguably lightweight and the structure is extremely easy to put up, using an installed air compressor the soft fabric comes to life creating a bubble for living.



A series of screens and lighting options give the users differing levels of privacy, but the most attractive feature of the whole idea is it’s beautiful form.




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