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Eight wheels of joy

Totally Free is a short film directed by Daniel Soares about the roller skating community of San Francisco. The film profiles some of the skaters and their motivations to stay on eight wheels long after the roller-craze has left popular culture prescriptions. After watching this I’m sure everyone will be wondering where they left their…


An Inanimate Narrative: The Fictional Object Ethos

The creative pursuits of South Coast residents seem to know no bounds as week in week out we find another talented group or individual picking up their collective tools to produce. No exception to this fact is Fictional Objects creator Emma Rutherford. Omnipresent within her Fictonal Objects range of textile centric wares is an affinity to…


The Art Of War: Storytelling with Bob McRae

“As I’ve told you, as a writer, I’m a good painter.”   Bob McRae is a man of many stories. The first wartime artist commissioned by the Australian Navy since World War II, an art teacher for 30 years and, an affinity to the ocean fill an aural arsenal that could enthral you for hours….


Walking with ghosts @ Wollongong Art Gallery

It had been some time since I had walked through the oddly automated doors of Wollongong Art Gallery. Childhood memories of red-faced games of tip during adult level interesting art shows loomed in my mind as soon as I walked across the Herringbone floorboards of our city’s former Town Hall. Everything slows down in there,…

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