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The Lessons Of La Mar: Interview with Ray Collins

The dark and cantankerous images of Ray Collins have been plastered all over the Internet of late. The unique style in which they are shot sees two polar opposites, rock and water, become confused of one another in the ominous concert of the still image. The South Coast based, born and bred photographer has been…


On A Roll: The Burgeoning Banh-Mi

The banh-mi or Vietnamese style roll, as we commonly call it, is a quasi-provincial mixture of ingredients that on their own merits are mere and unsubstantial, yet as a sum of their parts you have a delicious storm of fragrant and powerful flavours competing for the hog’s share of your tastebud market. The reappropriated term…


Leathersmiths: Paterson & Salisbury

There are few materials that have become synonymous with quality over time. In the realm of textiles there is warmth and breathability of wool, softness and versatility of cotton and the tenacity, durability and permanence of leather. The usefulness of leather to humans is almost unquantifiable, it’s antecedents not only provided us with sustenance but…


Follow that river: Our local source to sink

One and a half hours south of Sydney, sandwiched between the sandstone-capped Hawkesbury escarpment and big drink, the Pacific Ocean is a thin strip of urbanization, the Illawarra region. The sheer cliffs of red through brown sandstone soak up and bounce off the warm glow of the morning sun that peeps up over the horizon…

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