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The Master Of All Stock Recipes

Stock: the simplest of culinary concoctions. The revered foundation of flavour that has provided both stage and volume to stove-top symphonies for hundreds of years. Pot-au-feu was a staple of French households for a long time before the concept was professionally popularised by the efforts of Escoffier. As is divulged in his famous Guide Culinaire (1903):   “Indeed,…


The Lessons Of La Mar: Interview with Ray Collins

The dark and cantankerous images of Ray Collins have been plastered all over the Internet of late. The unique style in which they are shot sees two polar opposites, rock and water, become confused of one another in the ominous concert of the still image. The South Coast based, born and bred photographer has been…


Will you follow? The Tribe Review

  Last week I watched a film called The Tribe. It is the first full-length feature made completely in sign language. The resulting film, made by Ukranian director Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, is a confronting and thought-provoking journey into the shadows of the human condition. There are no words or subtitles, and the audience must rely completely…

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