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On A Roll: The Burgeoning Banh-Mi

The banh-mi or Vietnamese style roll, as we commonly call it, is a quasi-provincial mixture of ingredients that on their own merits are mere and unsubstantial, yet as a sum of their parts you have a delicious storm of fragrant and powerful flavours competing for the hog’s share of your tastebud market. The reappropriated term…


Makin’ That Mochi

Want to know what they’re pounding in viscoelastic submission? Short grain, gelatinous rice cake known as Mochi and enjoyed throughout Japan. You may have seen this cake in the aisles of Wan Long or your local Asian grocer, though I cannot guarantee it was made with such ceremonious vigour. A whole laundry list of uses for…


Tangible Objects, Humanity and Soy Sauce

“The existence of tangible things is imporant. It’s evidence that we’re here as human beings” – Kenji Ekuan. You may not know the name of Kenji Ekuan or realise how integral his role in your culinary exploration has been, but he died on February 8th, aged 85. The Japanese industrial designer was responsible for the…


Uncontained Emulsions: A look at Sifters Espresso

Enlightening from between the Market street rif-raf of mechanical assemblies and catholic edu, wok-tossing and suit ‘n’ tie archetypes lies a white washed container throw together called Sifters. A characterful concrete driveway leads punters down towards a tri-surround of corrugated glory which bays a quasi-kitsch cluster of school chairs, wooden wheels, milk crates and et…

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