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Will you follow? The Tribe Review

  Last week I watched a film called The Tribe. It is the first full-length feature made completely in sign language. The resulting film, made by Ukranian director Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, is a confronting and thought-provoking journey into the shadows of the human condition. There are no words or subtitles, and the audience must rely completely…


Eight wheels of joy

Totally Free is a short film directed by Daniel Soares about the roller skating community of San Francisco. The film profiles some of the skaters and their motivations to stay on eight wheels long after the roller-craze has left popular culture prescriptions. After watching this I’m sure everyone will be wondering where they left their…


Post modern electro art is rad

So. Much. Colour. These insane illustrations are part of a catalogue of works belonging to the Van Orton twins, a pair of highly talented creatives hailing from Turin, Italy. Taking their inspiration from classic films such as Pulp Fiction and Brazil, the post-modern posters are electric and eccentric, taking the audience into a Tron-like reimagining…


Cities have fingerprints too

Standing on a city street, surrounded by intimidating skyscrapers and the mandatory chaos one might be forgiven for forgetting exactly which city you are in. As their traits are intertwined within their very definition, the true fingerprint of a city is it’s topographical blueprint. Luis Dilger is a German designer based in Ravensburg and he…

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