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Post modern electro art is rad

So. Much. Colour. These insane illustrations are part of a catalogue of works belonging to the Van Orton twins, a pair of highly talented creatives hailing from Turin, Italy. Taking their inspiration from classic films such as Pulp Fiction and Brazil, the post-modern posters are electric and eccentric, taking the audience into a Tron-like reimagining…


Hard Hat Innovation

The humble hard hat does not receive much attention or acclaim. A simple piece of protective equipment for construction workers and engineers that has not evolved much from its original form. The common yellow head piece is more of an eye sore than anything, especially for the worker forced to wear the often uncomfortable plastic…


Christmas Tree Inspiration

The 1st of December marks a very special day in a lot of our Calendars – the day we all put our Christmas Trees up. We pull out that dusty old Christmas Tree from the dark corner in the garage, surprised that it does in fact look another year (or more) older. The twisted branches…


Win An Eames Rocker!

Charles Eames once said “the role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests”. The Eames Shell Chair Rocker couldn’t better exemplify such a statement, designed on the principle of adaptability, offering innumerable configurations to serve a wide variety of applications and environments. Lightbulbed in 1950,…


All Things Gatsby!

Excited by the opulent design of Baz Luhrmann upcoming film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, below are a few decor inspirations to bring the 1920’s into the modern age.   Black, White and Gold Image source – Ralph Lauren Home Lavish Wallpaper Image source – The Plaza Hotel Bold Lighting Photo source…

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