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Prefab Tiny House Time-lapse

This stilted little house was built in a matter of days. Located somewhere in Spain and designed by NOEM, the prefab home was built so the owner could enjoy panoramic views of his land. I have an inkling he thinks he is Star Wars too. NOEM make a decent effort to build zero-emission homes –…


How to loosen up tight spaces

This article has been prompted by some challenging projects I’m currently working on. Whilst I enjoy designing new homes to be built I really love the challenge that renovation brings with it. Having to design within existing spaces really makes me get my creative thinking cap on. Let me share with you a few design…


The Halle A offices in Munich

Encompassed within an old metal working factory in Munich are the offices of Designliga and their web development partner Form & Code. The enormnous indoor space called for some creative thinking on how to create the necessary sections for the various functions and needs of the two businesses, whilst still maintaining the industrious character of the…


The Dynamic Sanctuary

Dynamic Sanctuary from The Principals on Vimeo. Remember the mood rings everyone used to wear? Sometimes they would change colour in supposed representation of your current mood. The Dynamic Sanctuary is like a really big one of those. The installment was created by The Principles and commissioned by Ford to coincide with the release of…


Narcissistic furniture

” Appreciate the ordinary look. Look closer to make it extraordinary” Narcissism usually evokes negative connotations of vanity and arrogance, but what about using that in a positive way? Design studio KIMXGENSAPA has taken the idea of narcissism as “appreciating and developing oneself to further develop positive attributes” and applied it whilst designing a furniture…

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