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Narcissistic furniture

” Appreciate the ordinary look. Look closer to make it extraordinary” Narcissism usually evokes negative connotations of vanity and arrogance, but what about using that in a positive way? Design studio KIMXGENSAPA has taken the idea of narcissism as “appreciating and developing oneself to further develop positive attributes” and applied it whilst designing a furniture…


The Hen House

Designed by Isle Of Skye based Rural Design Architects, is this stunning contemporary holiday home.   Created without imposing itself upon it’s environment via the use of small concrete stumps, the architects sought a rustic simplicity for the exterior of the house whilst focusing on a deliberate open structure on the interior. “The form of the…


An Open Eichler To Oggle

Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects, and Flegel’s Construction collaborated on this mid-century Eichler classic in Palo Alto, California. The incredible residence confuses the outdoor and indoor paradigms with an emulsion of the two spaces via the extensive use of concertina doors on both sides of the white waller. Nut butter browns break up the white with…


An Inanimate Narrative: The Fictional Object Ethos

The creative pursuits of South Coast residents seem to know no bounds as week in week out we find another talented group or individual picking up their collective tools to produce. No exception to this fact is Fictional Objects creator Emma Rutherford. Omnipresent within her Fictonal Objects range of textile centric wares is an affinity to…


Oakie Doke’s New House

It may not be exactly like the helpful tree dweller’s, but it could be interpreted as a modernised version of his slippery-slided home.     The Skit, as it is titled, is a housing concept by Dachi Papuashvili for one person. “The building represents an insulated, reinforced construction, covered with wood. Its details will be manufactured…

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