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The Dynamic Sanctuary

Dynamic Sanctuary from The Principals on Vimeo. Remember the mood rings everyone used to wear? Sometimes they would change colour in supposed representation of your current mood. The Dynamic Sanctuary is like a really big one of those. The installment was created by The Principles and commissioned by Ford to coincide with the release of…


The Hen House

Designed by Isle Of Skye based Rural Design Architects, is this stunning contemporary holiday home.   Created without imposing itself upon it’s environment via the use of small concrete stumps, the architects sought a rustic simplicity for the exterior of the house whilst focusing on a deliberate open structure on the interior. “The form of the…


Let’s go to the bach

  This is a bach. A definition on Remodelista describes a bach as “something you built yourself, on land you don’t own, out of materials you borrowed or stole.” But something tells me that none of the examples you will see here were stolen, borrowed or self-built (maybe one?). The small beachside lodgings are an iconic part…


An Open Eichler To Oggle

Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects, and Flegel’s Construction collaborated on this mid-century Eichler classic in Palo Alto, California. The incredible residence confuses the outdoor and indoor paradigms with an emulsion of the two spaces via the extensive use of concertina doors on both sides of the white waller. Nut butter browns break up the white with…


Let’s go back to school

  If I was ever placed in some of kind of situation in which I had to return to school in to win the approval of my father and his peers and in turn the reigns of his hotel empire (sounds like an idea for a movie) – this is the kindergarten I want to…


Mid-century by moonlight

Melbourne photographer Tom Blachford has recently shot into the spotlight (or moonlight?) with his Midnight Modern series. The stunning collection of images capture the secluded beauty of the mid-century modern style which is rampant in California’s Palm Springs area.   Whilst many have gone before Blachford and snapped the linear dispositions of these fabulous homes,…

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