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Can you guess what this entire structure was built from?

“Its function was to highlight a lost heritage and to emphasise that any innovation in a traditional context should be based on a thorough knowledge of tradition.”

The incredible timelapse you have just watched was of the Ekklesia Pavillion built by Pink Intrude.A symphony of geometric wizardry sees a seven by seven grid of vertical tubes supporting eight horizontal layers of cardboard tubes. At the base is a 96,000 tile mosaic and a flurry of LED that illuminated it by night.


All of this was part of the Spanish city of Valencia’s annual Fallas Festival.


“The purpose was to investigate to what extent we could carry up this type of structure, and also to place in a traditional context a contemporary image to provoke the debate between tradition and modernity,” said the collective.


To mark the beginning of Spring the structure was then burnt down. An event that was robbed of some of it’s spectacle due to high winds and rainfall, but nonetheless, amazing.



The pavillion was designed to resemble a temple by it’s creators, so that “citizens can meet and realise the power they have to change things through debate and confrontation of ideas.”

All visuals are by Noel Arraiz.

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