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California Dreaming

The ‘California’ on Burelli is something of an icon for Wollongong locals who have made the pilgrimage along its street towards the beach and stadium.

Something about the off-terracotta brick and white features screams summertime and of course its name evokes images of palm trees and California sunshine.

The original exterior remains almost untouched since its construction in 1935. Designed so that its function determined its form the projecting bays encase beautifully rounded balconies. The proudly protruding parapet boasts the name ‘California’ which only adds to the charm of the building.

As a child I skated, rode and walked past this landmark nearly everyday headed towards the sands of south beach and have never grown tired of its intrigue.

Mr Sophios, who commissioned the building, owned a milk bar on Crown St and also the block of land behind these units, which he donated for the construction of the Greek Orthodox Church on Stewart St.



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