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Brilliant Bird Bathroom

There are so many details that go into a successful bathroom design. The planning before construction begins and the execution to ensure those plans come to fruition are both crucial. I was engaged by my client last year to transform two bathrooms located in the picturesque surroundings of Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands. Today I reveal the larger of the two spaces, the main bathroom.


The original bathrooms were well looked after but were looking tired compared to the newly renovated home. The two rooms remained the final hurdle to complete this stunning traditional style home.


A few snapshots of the original bathroom


Our requirements for this room were to keep all of the plumbing locations in the same spots to save on labour costs. The only plumbing change was the bath which was rotated to sit under the window.

By doing this it enabled us to create a large double shower with a wall perfectly located for the heated towel ladder which was  accessible both the bath and shower.


I utilised the wall space near the toilet and installed an in-wall cistern. This allowed for more room between the end of the bath and the toilet, details like this add to the users comfort when using the space.

The custom made polyurethane-coated vanity I designed with Mink coloured Caesar Stone benchtop is a far cry from what was there previously.


The illusion of more space was created by using a wall hung vanity and a mirrored cabinet, the two also added a huge amount of additional storage decluttering the benchtop. Internalising the the electrical sockets meant no ugly cords or appliances in sight!

If you have ever been to the Southern Highlands in winter you’ll know it can get VERY chilly. We installed undertile heating to eliminate the inevitable chill of the tiles.  Once your feet feel warm your entire body will feel warm. Not only does undertile heating help with your immediate comfort but it also helps to dry your bathroom.

The heating element is a thin coil that gets laid down under the tiles which means only the tile needs to be heated rather than the floor slab which would be the case in inslab heating. The heat produced is ambient which means the floor is warm, your walls are warm and your ceiling is dry.

Say goodbye to condensation and moisture dripping from the ceiling. Just set the temperature and control when and for how long the heating is on.

You’ll notice that the drawer fronts on the vanity have a 50mm panel around the perimeter of each face, this straight away ties back to the traditional styling of the home. All of the tapware matches and I specifically selected the Dorf Pearl range available through Reece Plumbing as it connects a traditional style with a modern polished chrome finish.


Can you guess what item really transformed this space? If you guessed tiles then high-five to you. The tiles were our starting point for all of the colours you see in the bathroom. The tile used on the floor and behind the vanity is a 150 x 800mm Italian porcelain tile laid in a brickbond pattern.

The timber-look tile helps extends the space and helps soften the built in bath allowing it to really feel a part of the bathroom. They also provide an amazing pattern of movement throughout the space and the warm tones make the bathroom feel luxurious and warm. The remaining walls were tiled in a chalk coloured ceramic tile in a 300 x 600mm size.

Note how there have been no white tiles used in this bathroom.
A lot of people seem to think that having all white in a bathroom will make the space feel fresh and inviting. I’m here to tell you that that’s not always the case. This project is a perfect example of how you can bring warmth into a space even when using hard finishes like tiles.

The simple choice of selecting a chalk white rather than a stark white automatically warms the aesthetic of the room. There is a softness which takes your eye throughout the whole room rather than creating a striking contrast as white tiles do which your eye would then be pin pointed to.

Every single item you see was been selected with purpose and put together like a jig-saw puzzle. Planning prior to pulling out the sledge hammer is the absolute number one in getting a bathroom design right. So be sure to have all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed before the demolition begins.


Images: Hannah Ladic


Sarah Nolen

Sarah has 8 years in the Interior Design game under her belt and has worked on an array of different projects from simple renovations to complex re-designs and engineering feats. From the tightest of budgets to those with an endless supply. Sarah takes on each and every job with a unique perspective and gets inside the mind of the client to produce something truly individualised and specific to their needs. Specialising in residential design Sarah is always looking at ways to improve her client's lifestyles by making their house a home. Launching her own Interior Design business; Birdblack Design in 2014, things have never been so exciting.

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