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Beaumaris on Cliff

“Both. Nothing is ever totally practical or totally design oriented. It’s both. I am an architect and it is my job to bring them together” said Albert Pichler when asked on the function or design aspect of the Beaumaris.

When you’re standing out the front of the Beaumaris on Cliff Rd it’s hard to decide which way to face. The simple 180-degree turn can have you marvelling at one of two beauties: the magnificent Pacific Ocean or the previously mentioned building.

Sitting gently on large white concrete A-frame stilts, the Beaumaris is a building from a year near forgotten. Designed by Albert Pichler, a Sydney architect whom is still enjoying his creation today. “I was trying to do something different” said Pichler of the seven storey seasider, “at that time there were only really 3-4 storey buildings in Wollongong being built, this was approved for seven and had a lot of restrictions from the previous design”.

I can still remember toddling over the crest of Cliff Rd as a boy being left in awe at how the supports could hold such enormousness up and now I’m still in awe but more so of the details, such as the indented corners and exquisite symmetry.


Beaumaris Front   Beaumaris detial

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