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Do you wish this was your holiday home?

  The holiday home you’re looking at was built by Dutch practice De Zwarte Hond Architects on the island of Schiermonnikoog (say that with a mouthful of mash potato). The holistically sustainable property frames it’s dune and forest surroundings and maximise space by extending it’s floorspace underground. The height and shape of the roof adjusts…


Are these designs the future of super yachts?

Vasily Klyukin is no stranger to beautiful architecture and design, in fact he has published a book about it, but these are super yacht concepts are unparalleled. His design ethos explains it best. “Even if you would build the largest yacht in the world, there always is the sea lover who is richer than you,…


Old folks who refuse to let age get in their way

Muir Vidler’s Rebel Without A Pause series depicts elderly people who refuse to follow the status quo and retire their hobbies, interests and in some cases kinks. Vidler’s admiration for those that do not conform to the status quo shines via this ongoing visual romance. It all began when Vidler saw an elderly man in leather…


Can you imagine this surreal architecture where you live?

Spanish artist Dionisio González has created this series of surrealist architecture visualisations. Titled ‘trans-actions’, the series is somewhat vague in it’s context and presents several questions about the possible narrative attached to the structural fairy tales. The somewhat overrun scenes are difficult to place in a particular timezone, but the surrounding environment that is slowly engulfing…


Bass to the drawing board

Saul Bass is one of the most famous graphic designers in history. His designs have come to shape the brands they were created for (AT&T, for instance), but his original visions were not always swallowed up by his clients. When Bass was asked to create the poster for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining he was faced…

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