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Articles by Sarah Nolen

Sarah Nolen

Sarah has 8 years in the Interior Design game under her belt and has worked on an array of different projects from simple renovations to complex re-designs and engineering feats. From the tightest of budgets to those with an endless supply. Sarah takes on each and every job with a unique perspective and gets inside the mind of the client to produce something truly individualised and specific to their needs. Specialising in residential design Sarah is always looking at ways to improve her client's lifestyles by making their house a home. Launching her own Interior Design business; Birdblack Design in 2014, things have never been so exciting.


How to loosen up tight spaces

This article has been prompted by some challenging projects I’m currently working on. Whilst I enjoy designing new homes to be built I really love the challenge that renovation brings with it. Having to design within existing spaces really makes me get my creative thinking cap on. Let me share with you a few design…

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