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Daily Archives: July 15, 2015


Are these designs the future of super yachts?

Vasily Klyukin is no stranger to beautiful architecture and design, in fact he has published a book about it, but these are super yacht concepts are unparalleled. His design ethos explains it best. “Even if you would build the largest yacht in the world, there always is the sea lover who is richer than you,…


Bryan Spier’s Boogie-Woogie Hat Tip

Australian artist Bryan Spier’s newest exhibition, History Paintings, is a total feast of colourful geometric shapes. The pieces have been exhibited at Sarah Scout Gallery in Melbourne. Spier cites Dutch artist Piet Mondrian’s unfinished Victory Boogie-Woogie as a source of inspiration for the series. “The paintings are based on shapes that have no figurative connotations, so…


How to loosen up tight spaces

This article has been prompted by some challenging projects I’m currently working on. Whilst I enjoy designing new homes to be built I really love the challenge that renovation brings with it. Having to design within existing spaces really makes me get my creative thinking cap on. Let me share with you a few design…

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